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The oil and gas industry is moving ahead with digital innovation. Mr. Breuillac provided examples of how TOTAL is using new technologies to improve operations and increase safety, reliability and quality.
Multiple digital projects have helped TOTAL lower its operating costs (which are lowest among its peers) and improve operational performance across a range of operations. Using new technologies, it has improved the quality of its seismic data, drilling, surface operations, and well operations, while at the same time reducing environmental impact, health and safety risk, machine downtime, and CAPEX.

Mr. Breuillac stressed the potential for the industry to reduce unplanned production losses through the use of use data driven asset performance management. He also encouraged the industry to make use of available data (today we only use 1% of captured data) and AI to improve operational efficiencies and reduce capital expenditure to improve the industry. He encouraged more joint development to build AI expertise in the oil and gas industry.
The Future Is Now

Sustainable growth is fueled by competitive advantage by relentlessly reducing technical cost.

By Arnaud Breuillac, President Exploration & Production, Member of Executive Committee, TOTAL