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The Industry Renaissance: Taking The Next Steps
How do we move to renaissance in the energy system, while being cleaner during the energy transition? It will take time, lot of hard work, and collaboration. We need unprecedented and sustainable collaboration among all stakeholders to meet the obligations of the Paris climate agreement. Growth in the gas business is a step in Shell’s net carbon footprint ambition.

Technical and commercial innovation and collaboration are required to achieve significant progress in sustainability. For example, the use of ultra high-efficiency BHGE turbines is helping reduce our carbon footprint.

We have to produce energy reliably, responsibly, and efficiently. Commercial innovation, combined with technology, supported by collaboration and partnership between industry and government are needed in the oil and gas industry. Transitioning our product portfolio and making sure customers enjoy better lives, a healthier planet. Working together to produce supply chain sophistication.

We also have to provide dividends to our shareholders. It is our responsibility to develop reliable solutions that are safe and also to provide dividends and returns to our shareholders, so they can keep investing in the solutions we are building.

To secure the health of the industry we have to invest in education and young start-ups, to recruit and support the next generation of employees.

Working together we can, and together we will.

By Harry Brekelmans, Projects & Technology Director, Member of the Executive Committee, Shell