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Many of the world's future energy challenges rest on the shoulders of a younger generation. This panel closed out the two days of discussions with both a provocative and inspiring discussion on the next 20 years of the industry led by a selection of its rising young talent and industry experts.

Novek: “Major theme of this meeting is how AI and digital visualization are going to transform the oil and gas industry. How looking at tech from the tech industry will transform the oil and gas industry. We can’t lose sight of how oil and gas tech is going to transform the IT industry. “

Shinn: “You saw a lot of technology over the past two days. For us to continue as an industry, we have to continue to scale the new technologies. People coming out of school today never lived through the age of non-connectivity. Our ability to train our tech experts, and their ability to pick up this transformative tech, are fundamental.”

Leeuw: “How do you look at energy skills and the right people? Technology, energy transition, and business models are all changing at the same time. How does our skills base need to change? Over the next 20 years, it’s reasonable to say that half the company could be expected to change. Recruitment is not just a company issue, it’s an entire industry issue. We need to re-skill, up-skill, add domain experts to make it happen. How we shape the future of our workforce is a critical thing to look at because many industries are looking for the same skill sets.”

Novek: “How do we bridge the gap between old and new? Transform the way people see the industry, let them see the impact of their work. Work with leaders, focus on new platform implementation. Don’t just focus on tech talent; continue to recruit oil and gas specific talent.”

Shinn: “Regardless of your generation, you want to make a positive difference. Do a better job of casting that vision. Focus people on how we’re enabling global growth and development. Say we can be better. We have to let employees see how the work we’re doing can be changed by new technologies. Put young team members in stretch postings, give them opportunities to grow.”

Leeuw: “See a world where technology will continue. The big moving part is management of controlled change. Success depends on the timeline of technology implementation.”

Shinn: “Have humility: to understand technologies other industries use, bring it in, and work with it—even if it’s disruptive.”

Novek: “Digitalization: Don’t be distracted from gains in productivity that can be made in hard tech. Digitalization [and hard tech] work in tandem.”

Leeuw: “Take away curiosity: have to figure out the way to integrate it into our work.”