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Lorenzo Simonelli

Chairman & CEO, BHGE

Lorenzo Simonelli is Chairman, President & CEO of Baker Hughes, a GE company. This new company combines the greatest strengths of Baker Hughes and GE Oil & Gas. Together we are building a leading digital fullstream oil and gas company that will invent smarter ways to bring energy to the world.

Before joining GE Oil & Gas, Lorenzo was President and CEO of GE Transportation, a global transportation leader in the rail, mining, marine and energy storage industries. During his five-year tenure, he expanded and diversified GE Transportation by focusing on advanced technology manufacturing, intelligent control systems, and a diverse approach to new propulsion solutions to solve the world’s toughest transportation challenges.

Lorenzo has also served as CFO Americas for GE Consumer & Industrial, as well as General Manager, Product Management for GE Appliances, Lighting, Electrical Distribution and Motors.

He joined GE’s Financial Management Program in 1994, where he worked on assignments in GE International, GE Shared Services, GE Oil & Gas and Consolidated Financial Insurance.

Originally from Tuscany, Italy, Lorenzo is a Business & Economics Graduate from Cardiff University in South Wales.