Baker Hughes Annual Meeting 2024 Speaker

Managing Director, Vitol

Steve Barth

Stephen (Steve) Barth is a Senior Business Developer for Vitol, a multi-national commodity trading firm with positions and assets in all aspects of the energy production, processing, and delivery businesses. Vitol moves more than 8.0MM bbls of crude and crude related products each day and operates one of the world’s largest integrated delivery systems. Steve’s focus is on the company’s emerging activities in the renewable energy space focusing on the Americas. Vitol has a wide range of renewable energy assets globally, including solar generation, battery storage and renewable natural gas production facilities.

Steve has more than 30 years of experience in various business development and operating roles in multiple industries. His experiences range from positions in small privately held companies to multi-national firms such as Enron, Oracle, Alcatel and Vitol. He has experience in a variety of marketplaces with a principal focus initially in technology, evolving to technology applications in energy and asset development.

Steve is married and lives in Houston with his wife June. They have four children who are grown, living in Texas and Missouri. He supports the MS 150 as a regular rider and financial contributor, is a member of All Saints Parish, and serves on the Board of Houston’s Mercury Chamber Orchestra.

Graduate of Columbia College, with a BS degree in General Business.